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JSC "Kimrskaya Gorky Factory" founded in 1925, is currently the leading specialized enterprise for the production of personal respiratory protective equipment (PPE) - anti-aerosol and gas-dust respirators - including the widely known respirators ShB-1 "Lepestok" and the largest producer of personal protective equipment for respiratory and skin covers when working with radioactive and aggressive substances, as well as analytical AFA filters for controlling air-dispersed impurities in the air. Personal protective equipment of skin and respiratory organs from special materials - hose devices, clothing and footwear special - designed for use in work with especially dangerous substances, including radioactive ones, provide protection against the effects of harmful factors accompanying the use of radioactive substances, in particular chemically aggressive substances: acids, alkalis, oxidants, etc. Since radioactive contaminated personal protective equipment can be a secondary source of contamination, the material and design of these protective devices can be used to carry out their multiple effective cleaning.

We are proud that JSC "Kimrskaya Gorky Factory" in the production of personal protective equipment is at the root of the creation and establishment of the Soviet nuclear industry, since it was in our enterprise in the mid 50s of the last century that the production of the famous light high-performance respirators ShB-1" Lepestok ", protective pneumatic suits made of PVC materials for needs of Minsredmash USSR.

Over the years, the factory has produced more than 3 billion pieces of respirators ShB-1 "Lepestok" - more than 40% of the total production of them throughout the country.

In its work on the production of personal protective equipment, the factory is based on the use of modern technologies and the latest achievements in the field of protective materials. In 2010, in the JSC "Kimrskaya Gorky Factory" purchased modern imported automated equipment for the manufacture of brand new models of respirators series "SPIRO". The technology of production of these respirators, used in their manufacture, is used in Russia for the first time.

Annually during 2010-2016 the plant's technological equipment is being updated, new modern production lines are launched.

The long-term experience of the factory's specialists guarantees the quality, productivity and efficiency in work, reliability of JSC "Kimrskaya Gorky Factory", as the manufacturer and supplier of PPE, which is confirmed by our customers. Evidence of this is the awarding of JSC "Kimrskaya Gorky Factory" Honorary diploma" The Best Taxpayer - 2007 "of the Economic Forum" Leaders of Economic Development of Russia ", Moscow; awarding of the International Golden Jaguar Award "For an impeccable reputation in business and high quality of products and services - 2008", awarded by the International Corporation of Social Partnership, Moscow; awarding the Honorary Diploma and awarding the medal "Enterprise of the Year 2009" for "Doing business and developing an enterprise in the conditions of inflation and other factors destabilizing the economy" for winning the International Economic Project "Sustainable Economy: Experience, Innovations, Investments, Interaction, Partnership" Moscow.

The production is certified in the international quality system GOST ISO 9001-2011 open the certificate.

The production is certified by the environmental management system in relation to the performance of work on the production of personal respiratory protective equipment, clothing and footwear of special additional, analytical aerosol filters complies with the requirements of GOST ISO 14001-2007 (ISO 14001: 2004) open the certificate.

The production is certified by the health and safety management system of the personnel in connection with the performance of work on the production of personal respiratory protective equipment, clothing and footwear for special additional, analytical aerosol filters complies with the requirements of GOST 12.0.230-2007 (OHSAS 18001: 2007) open the certificate.

Products JSC "Kimrskaya Gorky Factory" is allowed to be applied on the territory of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan.


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JSC "Kimrskaya Gorky Factory" more than 60 years, specializes in the production of personal protective equipment for the respiratory system and skin. We produce long-known respirators "Lepestok", which are still unsurpassed in terms of their protective properties in the class of light filtering half masks.

The legendary invention was entrusted to life and the liquidators of the Chernobyl accident. If you recall the hot summer of 1986, to watch movies, TV shows, newspapers, magazines of that time of almost all countries of the world, in the foreground you can always see the collapse of the 4th block, the construction of the "Sarcophagus" and people struggling with an unprecedented catastrophe in the "Lepestok". The first were symbols of danger, the second - protection from it. After the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, the plant worked in three shifts, providing the liquidators of the disaster with respirators and protective clothing. In June 1986, about 300 thousand respirators "Lepestok" were delivered to Chernobyl. The head of the chemical troops of the Ministry of Defense of the USSR Colonel-General V.Pikalov personally thanked his creators for the products that saved the lives of many thousands of soldiers.

A number of foreign companies had doubts about the protective properties of the respirator "Lepestok" and they initiated an independent evaluation of the filter respirator "Lepestok-200". Studies conducted by the Lovelace Institute of Respiratory Research and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory of the USA (US Nuclear Research Center) in 2001, on the instructions of the US Department of Energy, confirmed the high protective properties of the ShB-1 respirator "Lepestok-200" and, as a result, , US inspectors use respirators ShB-1 "Lepestok-200" when visiting nuclear facilities in Russia.

The use of respirators "Lepestok" produced by JSC "Kimrskaya Gorky Factory" in all branches of industry and agriculture for many years proved their highest effectiveness in protecting the health of workers in harmful working conditions.